Youth Ministries

 FCC Youth Ministries gather for food, fun, service, learning, and discussions throughout the year with those in 6th through 12th grades.  We would love to tell you more about our youth ministry experiences and places to connect.  Contact for more info. Here are some snapshots of our events together.

Youth Group Outings, events, Trips

Mission Trips

Each year both our middle school (Chi Rho) and high school (CYF) groups travel to a community to learn about issues, serve the community, and have a lot of fun together.  Our youth grow and gain once in a lifetime experiences on these trips.  We hold multiple fundraisers each year.  Thanks to this and faithful congregation support, these experiences are accessible to all regularly participating youth. 
-Our Chi Rho group has worked with homeless and food ministries in Tulsa, Affordable Elder care in Austin, urban child outreach ministries in San Antonio, and service at our Campground, Disciples Crossing, in Athens.
- Our CYF group travels to Denver to serve with Tennyson Center for Children, Disaster Response on the Coast, and Urban Poverty Relief & Education ministries in Washington, D.C.

Fun & Fellowship Outings, Service Days
Part of what we do is have fun and form bonds with each other.  We catch up on each other's week as we go out to a variety of places to play laser tag or go rock climbing or just go out to lunch all together.  FCC Youth also have a lot of fun playing a lot of games like 9 square or the balloon game.  Sometimes we get together and eat pizza after building hygeine kits for those experiencing homelessness or natural disasters.  Sometimes we get together at a park and cookout/ play games with youth and families all together. No matter what, it is a fun filled and meaningful time with youth groups get together.

Worship & Spirituality
From planning Youth Sunday to experiencing different worship experiences together to taking time for active prayer stations, we lead and experience different forms of worship together.  We also get together for round-table discussion on different issues and topics, always benefiting from hearing each other's perspectives.

Retreats & Camps

We join together with other Christian Churches (Disciples of Christ) at our awesome campground in Athens, Texas several times a year for weekend long retreats and week long camps at Disciples Crossing.  At retreats, we play games, we study, we meet new people, we worship beside the beautiful lake or under the amazing starry sky and generally have a blast.