It Don'd on Me

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Waiting Continues

We wait. Bigger than the day we wait to put up the tree or waiting to sing certain hymns until Christmas... Waiting is filled with presence. When we practice being present in the moment or being present with others while they wait on news or sitting alongside someone as they grieve or celebrate, that is a re- commitment to follow the one we disciple ourselves after.

Sharing our gifts to families in need, sharing joy with others through music, taking time to visit those who cannot be with our community regularly are all ways that we celebrate the waiting of the coming birth of Christ once again.

When we spend extra time in prayer or devotionals at home and with others, sharing honestly our hopes, joys, losses and concerns we are faithfully, fully practicing Discipleship.

Through worship, devotionals, concerts, caroling, sharing gifts, and our special services like our amazing Cantata Sunday and our longest night service on the 22nd. We hope that you and yours experience multiple ways to wait upon the birth of the Christ Child.

-Bill Jeffreys