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"Strange Things" Reflection

“Strange Things” is an apt theme for our current worship series, as well as for our lives during this unprecedented pandemic. Through our scripture readings and preaching we’ve looked at some of the strange, confusing beliefs of Christianity -- “God IS”- the belief that God exists, “The Trinity” - the relational nature of God, and “Heaven Can Wait” - the belief that Christians have important work to do here and now. We’ll tackle even more strange topics in the coming weeks.

“Strange Things” definitely describes life today - strange and confusing, even frightening. There was a moment late the other night when I suddenly had a deep longing for a simply boring, ordinary day, a day in which there was no drama, no trauma, no fear, no uncertainty, no wondering if it was a safe time to run to the store for milk, and no frantic double checking that I had my mask with me. Oh, yes, Lord, I’d like a boring day please!

I have to admit, though, that these strange things are forcing us to develop new ideas, new ways of connecting, of creating community, of singing together, even of worshiping God. It’s not been easy, some of it has been quite stressful. And then there’s tragic, needless violence

being inflicted on the streets and in homes. There are passionate cries for justice, racial understanding and equality. There are more cases of COVID-19, and more horrible deaths every day. I believe God is at work in all these events and situations, not causing them, to be sure, but working within them to open people’s minds and hearts to possibilities for change, for growth, for renewal, for a better way. God can lead us through this valley of strange things.

Loving and mysterious God, we still wrestle with understanding what it means to be a Christian, to be a follower of Jesus. Guide us, especially in the midst of all these strange things. Fill us with your Spirit of hope, peace, strength, courage and love, that we might step out boldly to do your work here and now. Amen.

-Dana Lobaugh

Posted by Dana Lobaugh