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September brings a Sabbatical for Bill

Full- Time Ministerial Staff at FCC take a 30-day sabbatical after 5 years of service. Rev. Bill Jeffrey’s 10-year anniversary with the congregation was in January 2020. As previously reported to the board in 2020, Bill Jeffreys’ Sabbatical was approved to be delayed until 2021 due to COVID. The sabbatical period is scheduled with the Personnel Chair and the Senior Minister.

Bill has been working in August to recruit volunteers, working ahead on tasks, and communicating with office, in addition to pastoral staff so many of his roles can be covered during the weeks away.

Sabbaticals for ministers are encouraged to have components of both physical and mental rest, family time, travel time away from familiar settings to encourage discernment and growth, to undertake education that can benefit their ministry, and seek times of spiritual retreat.

For this sabbatical Bill has scheduled to be off in September to best fit between the busiest youth, administration, office support, technology, and lent/advent worship seasons of 2021.

As part of his travel and education Bill is reading several books and visiting a number of churches in Texas, Colorado, and New York. He looks forward to sharing some of his experiences when he returns.

There will be a moment in worship this Sunday with the whole congregation to commission Bill and pray for him before his sabbatical begins. This Sabbatical means that this month away will be a time of separation from work communication and pastoral responsibilities. Both Bill and congregation will hold each other in prayer, anticipating future months of sharing with each other upon his return.

“I am so thankful for this 30 day rest, renewal, and learning sabbatical during the month of September. I look forward to returning renewed in October, ready to share experiences and re-connect. It continues to be such a joy to be in ministry with each of you at First Christian Church. Blessings to all. You all will certainly be in my prayers and with me in spirit as this month’s experiences unfold!“ - Rev. Bill Jeffreys

Posted by Bill Jeffreys