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Scripture Engagement Idea

Quick Scripture Engagement Idea For The Week

It is as important now as ever for us to dig into scripture on our own in addition to group study and discussion. One of the things helpful for discipleship is for us to continue to share with each other engaging scripture study ideas. This Sunday we will be talking about the purpose of parables in our sermon. If the scripture being focused on is a parable or a narrative one of my favorite tools to studying scripture is a point of view reflection. Whether this is a new idea for you or a reminder of a tool you have used a good amount, here are ideas for you to consider soon during a scripture study:

1.Read through the scripture and allow the narrative to play out (for this part of scripture study don’t try to stop often or make notes or highlight...just take in the mental movie)
2.Now think back... where were you seeing the scene(s) from... close to the characters in the story or far away? Wonder why.
3. Were you experiencing the story/ parable/ events from one of the characters in the narrative? Or more as a narrative? Or more as a bystander? Wonder why.
4.Were there scenes or part of the story that you wanted to linger at? Why do you think? 5.Did you notice a detail you didn’t from other times you’ve read the scripture?
6.Consider reading through the story again experiencing the scripture from another character’s point of view or position and see what you notice this time?