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New Sunday Morning Schedule Starting Oct 6

New Sunday Morning Schedule

For months now, your active Church Elders have discussed, considered and prayed over the idea of moving to one united worship service on Sunday mornings. Following a fruitful Congregational “Dessert and Discussion” evening with over 90 members present, our Elders determined that indeed the Spirit was guiding their desire to bring us together to worship again as one body, in one Sunday morning worship service, in which we can sing, worship and grow together.

Last Tuesday evening the Church Board, with a full quorum present, voted unanimously to endorse this single worship service to the congregation. With this leadership body adding a unified “Yes” to the Elders’ unified consensus, we are excited to announce that our new Sunday morning schedule will begin on World Communion Sunday, October 6—2 Sundays from now.

After much discussion, we feel the best schedule for this new, one service format will be:
Sunday School from 9-9:45am
Worship beginning at 10am and concluding no later than 11:15 each Sunday.

On October 6 we will also enjoy an All-Church Celebration Luncheon following worship, sponsored by our Worship Section leaders.

Throughout this process, one of the main questions we’ve asked is, in light of who we now are as a church, would we be a stronger church if we had only one worship service on Sunday morning? As we’ve examined attendance patterns and similarities between our current two services, reflected on our worship experiences in the Digby Center during our facility renovation, and talked with church members, we discovered many great reasons and overwhelming support for having one weekly worship service.

We believe this is the next step forward in our life together, and the risk that the Spirit is leading us to take today. It is time we become one church together.

Visitors will see our church as it really is–full, active and diverse, with people of all ages and life-stages. Children and youth will be more visible, and they will get to know more adults who can model Christian faith for them. And we’re also excited about the possibilities this will bring for a rejuvenated Sunday School program for children, youth and adults!

The new worship service at 10:00 a.m. will not be a replica of either one of the current services, but also will not feel too new or different. We know this is a new path for our church, and it will not–at least at first–be something everyone is in favor of.

We recognize and respect that this new format may mean the loss of some things we really like about each of the current service styles and times. And the schedule change will mean adjustments to our lives and routines. We will all have to make adjustments and experience something new, but we believe the blessings that these adjustments will bring make this a risk worth taking for the sake of our church community and our future growth.

Like any experiment, we will learn as we go, making adjustments as needed. We welcome your thoughts, feedback and suggestions as we try this. We appreciate every one of you. All of us, together, are what makes First Christian Church the special place that it is. What a blessing it will be when we worship together as one church. We cannot wait to see the abundance God has in store for us!



Posted by Dr. Don Wilson