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Let's Stay Connected

Let’s Stay Connected...
Jesus told the parable of the Good Shepherd, who leaves the 99 sheep who are “safe in the fold” in order to go in search of the one who is missing, so that He can reconnect that one to the flock in a spirit of rejoicing. Jesus was telling us about the nature of God, and this Bible story itself tells of Jesus Christ our Good Shepherd. In the original language of the New Testament, the passages that describe Church Elders also refer to these leader/servants as “shepherds of the flock,” charged with spiritual care and concern for all who are part of their community of faith.

During the safe-guarding physical separation brought on by the Coronavirus pandemic, it is so important for us to stay connected in every way we can, as a congregation and as supportive friends to one another. Our Church Elders especially have taken this need to heart, and are trying to reach out and connect with all of our church members. They want to know how you are doing, and how your church can pray for and encourage you. Your Elders are committed to helping us live into our identity statement, “Centered in Christ and Formed in Relationships.” Especially now, we need those relationships.

We are concerned for those church members who may be isolated from the ongoing activities of our church because of technology limitations.

Surely several of us are not able to log on for Sunday morning worship, or to join a “Zoom” Bible Study or fellowship time. So we are calling, seeking the ones whom we’ve been missing, so we may rejoice at being held together—all of us—in the loving care of our Good Shepherd.

So please answer that call and take a few minutes to visit with your church Elder. They call simply to care. If you think of someone in this flock who may be overlooked or unable to connect with their church, please call the church office to be sure we have their name. And please pray for our Church Elders as they are working to pray for and with each of us. We so appreciate their love for Christ and for all who follow Him together as First Christian Church of Arlington.


Posted by Dr. Don Wilson