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Let The Bells Ring

Let the Bells Ring!

Celebrating the new Carillon at FCC For many of us, the sounds of pealing bells, sacred hymns, and spiritual melodies bring to mind a time with family, friends, and fellowship with each other. Bells sounding from atop a church reach into the surrounding community with a reminder that the church is here, perhaps even that Christian love and compassion are within reach. We’ve been blessed with the gift of a new Verdin Carillon from three generous, anonymous donors. Using the most sophisticated digital recording technology, The Verdin Company™ has captured the sounds of cast bronze bells, enabling us to enjoy the warm authentic tones of real bells—including the Westminister chime, liturgical bells, and seasonal music favorites. These electronic bells sound so “true” that most people think they’re hearing real cast bronze bells. When we are again gathered for worship in our sacred space, we’ll celebrate with a proper dedication of this glorious “instrument.” Until then, you can drive by and hear the bells ring following the conclusion of our Sunday morning worship services, and every day at noon and 5 p.m. Let the sound of joy, comfort and hope ring from First Christian Church and in all our hearts. -Dana

Posted by Dana Lobaugh