It Don'd on Me

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Lent 2021Introduction

The Lenten season is a 40-day long journey toward Easter.  It’s a time to grow through self-examination, confession, and reconnection with God through prayer and meditation on the scriptures. It’s a time to prepare ourselves to welcome the risen Christ with our lives renewed by the breath of his spirit. 

This Lent, many of us are feeling overwhelmed, unsure of the future, “floundering in murky waters,” perhaps even drowning in grief or despair.  Can God help us find our way again, give us strength to rise to the surface, and fill our lungs with refreshing clean air? 

Let’s look at the prayers of those in the scriptures who felt “in over their heads.”  Let’s learn to pray from deep places and come to a deeper connection with the One who made us, who loves us unconditionally, and who will be with us when we pass through the waters and the rivers.

Posted by Dana Lobaugh