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How FCC Arlington Was Ready for Livestream

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We give thanks for the TV Ministry and the blessing of this rich foundation that allowed FCC to be so well equipped to live-stream during this time (and will allow us to continue to reach so many from now on).

“How FCC Arlington Was Ready for Facebook Livestream”

I would like to share with you some history of how we were already ready to Live Stream on Facebook. Back in the early 1980’s our Minister, Art Digby, expressed a desire to air our Sunday services on television. We had a member who was involved with television production, so off we went. Claude Cox rounded up some equipment and approached a few of his friends to help. FCC Arlington on channel 49 was born in 1984. People like Jay Henderson, Roy Staton, Tim Smith, John McMullen, Bob Russell were manning the cameras and the switcher, Ron Husted on the sound board and Gloria Cox was at the computer producing the Graphics. Along the way Gene Chance, Phil Nelson and Mike Ponczek joined the team. Mary Dawn, Trey, and Matt Hudspeth along with Camille Wells took a turn on the team. Many others have helped along the way with the bulky cameras in the balcony; Dan Dawkins, Cal Kost, & Merle Lynd to name a few. Gene Ellison, while Chairman of the Department, replaced the old and aging equipment with Panasonic remote controlled cameras and a Panasonic camera controller capable of handling up to 5 cameras, a Roland switcher and a new computer with power point. We have reduced the production team from 6 to as few as 2. With the addition of Alex Cullum, we now are live streaming on Facebook. The active team now is Donna Vernon, Alex Cullum and me, John Thomas.

Posted by Dr. Don Wilson