It Don'd on Me

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Waiting Continues

We wait. Bigger than the day we wait to put up the tree or waiting to sing certain hymns until Christmas... Waiting is filled with presence. When we practice being present in the moment or being present with others while they wait on news or sitting alongside someone as they grieve or celebrate, that is a re- commitment to follow the one we disciple ourselves after.

Sharing our gifts to families in need, sharing joy with others through music, taking time to visit those who cannot be with our community regularly are all ways that we celebrate the waiting of the coming birth of Christ once again.

When we spend extra time in prayer or devotionals at home and with others, sharing honestly our hopes, joys, losses and concerns we are faithfully, fully practicing Discipleship.

Through worship, devotionals, concerts, caroling, sharing gifts, and our special services like our amazing Cantata Sunday and our longest night service on the 22nd. We hope that you and yours experience multiple ways to wait upon the birth of the Christ Child.

-Bill Jeffreys

Thankful Thoughts

This time of year as we approach the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving Sunday there seems to be an increased focus naturally on gratitude. We hear often that we should make gratitude a regular discipline. Giving thanks consistently to God is an important part of our spirituality and prayer life. We should give thanks to the one whom all gifts come from naturally, however, it’s more than that. The more we challenge ourselves to be in a spirit of gratitude, the more some other related interactions begin to happen that strengthen our whole self including our spiritual growth it seems. Here are just a few I’m reflecting on this week.

1. In order to give thanks, we have to be aware. Increased awareness and what interacts with our lives and the people we are in relationship with and the gifts we have been given is a good thing.
2. When we look for what we are grateful for we find what feeds our souls and supports us in life. It only takes one small turn of attention past this to notice what the needs are of those around us.
3. When we give thanks we are paying attention to the sphere of hope and what is possible. The holy kind of hope, that the Saints before us describe as not oblivious struggles that tear at our heart, but fully aware of present troubles and yet still present and true.
4. When we are giving thanks we are aware of the present, the gift of today, and of God‘s presence & Christ’s callings in out loves.

Perhaps you find some of these and other patterns as you engage in giving thanks. Seems like a good conversation to have with our families and our friends. Conversations like these truly are just another way we are Centered in Christ, Formed by Relationships.