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Time to Prepare

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, Carol and I thoroughly enjoyed our trip to our son and daughter-in-law’s home near Center Point, Texas. We were together with all three of our adult children and all three of their loves. Plentiful food, fun, and laughter, deep conversations-- Life-giving time together, while giving thanks to God for these loving hearts shaped by God’s faithfulness and love for us.

On the Friday after Thanksgiving, my son Stephen and I spent the whole day installing new laminate flooring in the (due any day now!) baby’s room. Stephen had torn out the carpet that came with the house – ew – and it was time to refresh and renew and make ready for Baby Boy Wilson! Meanwhile Carol and Avery introduced their kitchen and bathroom to the miracles of the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.... When Carol and I were finally driving back to Arlington, we both felt grateful that these parents-to-be finally felt ready to receive their newborn into his new home.

Like our parents had done for us, we had the opportunity to help out with some preparations, and that felt so good.

Preparations. A luxury that Mary and Joseph just didn’t have. A hurried trip to Bethlehem, where they found all the inns to be filled up, no vacancy—finally a little space in some compassionate farmer’s animal barn. Pick up the animal droppings, find some kind of bedding? Too late, the baby is coming now!...

Reflecting on Jesus’ birth gives me a deeper appreciation of the brief time that Carol and I had to help our son and his wife prepare, make ready, make room. That’s what this Season of Advent is meant to be for us: time given by God, space provided in worship and devotions—opportunity to clean out some of the old “ew” in our lives, and make preparations for the birth of Christ in our hearts, once more. May God bless us, every one, as we make the time that we need, in our worship and in personal prayer and reflection, to prepare for new birth. Let every heart prepare Him room.

Preparing, with you, Don

Posted by Dr. Don Wilson

Ready to Share

What a wonderful Commitment Sunday yesterday! Our worship attendance count was 195 as reported by our diaconate team, which is our strongest attendance yet since we

combined into One Worship on October 6. What a joy to worship our generous God with so many regular weekly worshipers, new guests and visitors, and several others returning to FCC to see what the excitement is all about. And to top off an inspiring morning, long-time active members Layton and Melba Holt came forward to re-join this congregation after several years of living on Ceder Creek Lake. Now back in the metroplex, the Holts wasted no time returning to their loving church home.

We received many Estimate of Giving cards that will be so helpful to our church leaders in setting up our 2020 church operating budget. If you shared your card in worship on Sunday, thank you so much. If you weren’t able to turn in a card, you may still bring one by the church office, send in the mail, or call our Financial Administrator Carole Garis-Graves at the church office. Whether you turn in an Estimate of Giving card or not, thank you for your faithful and regular financial support for the variety of ministries of this dynamic congregation. Your generosity makes all the difference.

We have learned what it means to be “Ready to Share: Living Simply, Courageously, and Generously.” May God bless and lead us forward so that we in turn may continue to be a blessing to others. May 2020 be a year that you grow in faith, hope and love as we share God’s redeeming love in Jesus Christ, with one another and with our neighbors, from our doorsteps to the ends of the earth.

Remember to mark your calendars for our next Celebration Sunday November 24, when we will enjoy a Stewardship- Sponsored hamburger and hot dog lunch after worship.

Posted by Dr. Don Wilson