Worship Online

Worship Online

Every Sunday, from 03/29/2020 to 05/09/2021, 10:00 AM - 11:15 AM

Gathering Music & Weekly Service Begins Online Sundays at 9:45am

Join in worship each week through Facebook, YouTube, or or watch the service broadcast right here on our website!  Many folks enjoy interacting with each other on the Facebook broadcast, others through YouTube, while some prefer worshiping right here on the FCC website.  However you join in worship this week we hope you find space to praise, pray, learn, and connect.


Click Here for This Week's Worship Guide Here (An online bulletin for the service)


Light a Candle: Whether you find a candle with a wick and a match or an electric switch, join us in welcoming the Light of the Worlds into our midst, symbolized by lighting a candle.


Share in Communion: We encourage you to find some sort of bread, juice, or water to share in communion together during our online service.


Involve Children  Let’s encourage children to be involved in FCC Online Worship as much as possible:

·         Coordinator: decides the night before if the family is wearing robes and pajamas, tees, casual clothes, or suits and dresses

·         Greeter: rounds up the family by 9:45 am 

·         Communion Preparer: decides communion elements, prepares, sets out in special place. (Later, the same or different child can be Server.)

·         Children’s Bulletin: decides if using own resources or the link Carol will send families; sets out writing tools

·         Candle Lighter: processes into the room with lit candle like Pastor Bill and places it in a designated special place

·         Song Leader: helps direct from some sort of podium, helping lead everyone in singing  

·         Scripture Leader: makes sure the passage is bookmarked in a family Bible for easy reference; reads aloud from the screen

·         Worship & Wonder: perhaps children could make a “Worship & Wonder” sign and tape it to a certain room on Saturday night, setting out a few items they enjoy using for art response. Carol can send interested parents a link to a Storyteller telling a story.  At the point of restlessness, using a separate device, parents can click on the link for the children in the W&W room. 

·         Kid Questions?  Click on   and ask away.


Invite Others Through Sharing:

  • Share “The Friend” email and explain the embedded links in blue will take users directly to special sites and ways of communicating.
  • If you’re a Facebook user, please use the Share button, located to the right under each post box, to encourage people to join FCC’s activities. Due to Shares, our Facebook Reach soared by a few hundred percent this week! 
  • Simply pick up the phone to call and invite a friend to online worship Sunday at 9:45.


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