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Now that the children have helped with Bible translation around the world, it's time to figure out what's in their own Bibles at Sunday Fundays. Please plan ahead to get  the children to Room 310 at 9 am.

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Special thanks to long-time Sunday School Teacher, Tracy Casto, for putting this special newsletter together for us. Great job, Mrs. Tracy!

To date, $577.44 has been raised  by the children's craft festival, to be split between Wycliffe Bible Translators and Disciples of Christ Global Ministries.   Your support of the children in teaching them crafts at Sunday Funday School and their two evening events, the June 27th International Craft Festival and the July 25th International Olympics, is greatly appreciated.  They were delighted to know that even though they don't have jobs, they had a way to contribute funds through their creations.  Remaining items will be distributed as gifts from the children to our Beloveds.  The gifts of their little hands and big hearts just keep on giving!

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Questions? Need more details on anything?  Call Carol at 817-825-6933!